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Rapid EV Charging Installation for Your Home

Impra Charge offers end-to-end support, from price estimates and site surveys to installation, handling OZEV grant applications, and help with any ongoing maintenance. As an independent provider, they source chargers from various suppliers, to make sure you get the best deal at an affordable price. Flexible payment plans and financing options are also available.

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Can I get OZEV Grant Support?

Take advantage of OZEV grant support available through Impra Charge, our local partner that specialise in the electric vehicle charging process. We offer smart and scalable EV systems to your home’s unique needs.

Why Choose Stebbing and Impra Charge’s EV Charger Installation

Stebbing and Impra Charge are a brillait choice for your EV charger installation their combined experience you know you’re getting a smooth and reliable experience. Our qualified electricians, specialise in EV charger installation and undergo specific training separate from general electrical qualifications, to offer the upmost safety and quality.

The installation of an EV charge point needs the expertise of a specialised electrician. City & Guilds have approved each one of our car’s EV charge point installers. As a result, our team guarantees expertise to correctly handle any electrical intricacies of installation. Impra Charge, backs all installations with a 3-year warranty, keen to promote responsible charging practices to preserve battery health.

The difference between tethered and untethered chargers is a must-know. Our untethered chargers offer universal compatibility with 'Type 1' and 'Type 2' connection leads. Whereas, tethered chargers include a charging cable. For optimal battery lifespan, you should be charge your EV to 50-80%. This avoids complete depletion of your battery.

Impra Charge's Wi-Fi-enabled EV charge points offer a range of features, including over-the-air updates, remote start and scheduling, energy tracking, and historical charging data. Designed for outdoor use, these charge points can be relocated if necessary.

When it comes to energy consumption, Impra Charge offer a smart energy calculator tool for users to track each session's consumption. Our 7.4 kW standard home charger offers cord length choices of 6.5, 8, or 10 meters to cater to diverse needs. To maximise cost savings, we recommend nighttime charging, taking advantage of typically cheaper off-peak tariffs.

Impra Charge offers support with personalised electric home charging setups, such as scheduled charging or smart configurations based on internet signal strength. We also provide free 'over-the-air' software updates via Wi-Fi from all manufacturers and back our installations with a three-year guarantee.

Commercial EV Charging Installation in the UK

Regardless of the size of your business, if you require one or two EV charge points to larger-scale systems to cover customer parking bays and showrooms. We provide a range of commercial EV charging. Whether you aim to provide a premium customer experience or need chargers in your visitor parking bays, showroom, or servicing garage, we've got you covered. Our chargers are can come with features such as contactless payments to help your business generate additional revenue.

EV Charge Point Troubleshooting

The team created a guide to demystify EV charging and make charging simple to help you find the perfect EV charger. The guide explores the basics of EV charging, car charge levels, the difference between speeds, standard, dedicated and public charging outlets. As well as requirements with regarding car type, charger types, car charging costs, as well as tips to help you adapt to life with an EV, drive more efficiently and plan trips.
EV charging point for a terraced house

I live in a city is it worth buying EV without home charging?

The choice to purchase an electric vehicle (EV) without a home charging setup might not be the best idea. Mainly due to the price of public EV charging as it can be a lot more expensive, up to five times more. Especially when compared to charging at home during peak hours. If this is your approach, we would advise against buying older EV models, as they have older battery technology and limited range.

We’d suggest considering an EV alternative like hybrid cars for those without home charging options. Installing a EV charger at home avoids difficulties you may encounter with public chargers, such as being able to find one available and fully-operational public charging stations. At Impra Charge, homeowners are keen to install their personal EV charger at home to avoid the frustration involved with the unpredictability of public chargers, such as the problem of long queues and broken chargers.

I have allocated parking not a traditional driveway, can I install an electric car charger?

Installing an electric car charger in an allocated parking space is possible. However, there are some things that need to be considered before you start the installation process:

Yes, you can explore installing an electric car charger in your allocated parking space, even if it's not a traditional driveway. First, start by checking the land boundaries to determine if you technically own a narrow strip of land between houses and the parking space. Consulting a solicitor can provide much needed legal-clarity on ownership and your installation rights. Additionally, we’d advise getting in contact with your local council to understand regulations related to extension cables on public paths, especially if there's a turning circle involved. It's also recommended to check with your local council about their policies regarding the installation of charge points in designated parking spaces separated from the property by public land.

Keep in mind that charging through an extension cable might be slow, so it’s advisable to consider a 3.5kw or ideally a 7kw charger for a faster longer lasting charge. If you have faced challenges with the land possession process, we’d suggest feeding an extension lead out of an upstairs window to a designated charge point. The best approach is to abide by professional advice and get council approval as it will result in a smoother installation process.